My story

Spasija Filipova was born in July 1991 in Kavadarci, Macedonia. She finished her elementary and secondary education in her hometown, after that moving to Skopje where she graduated in the Marketing and management department at the faculty of Economics at EURM. She also has a master degree in E-business and she is finishing the second one in Banking and finance.

Her skills and interest for the artistic expression represented through painting, were noticeable starting from her young age. She was as well drawn and fascinated by anything that represented the essence of art in every form possible.

She doesn’t have much experience when it comes to exhibitions previously attending only a few local exhibitions. She enquired most of her knowledge from research on the internet continuously underpinning her ambition and further interests towards the noble science that is art. This interest cultivated during her years in college when she, as every blooming artist, had her little book of mostly portrait sketches that were admired for the precision, skill, and realism by the people that knew her. 

Having no previous academically gained knowledge and expertise, she started painting many objects on a canvas, but she found her vocation in painting realistic portraits.  She paints on canvas with oil and acrylic paint. 
Her painting is driven by emotion, unique moments and memories.

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